Modern American Warrior



War - Art - Family - Passion - Spirit  


How to custom build a rich, satisfying life from the inside out

using the timeless way of the enlightened warrior 


 1  Develop self awareness
 2  Choose values and significant goals
 3  Find your individual spirituality
 4  Build desire and faith
 5  Pray and meditate daily
 6  Live your values in daily life
 7  Persist and learn from mistakes
 8  Accomplish your worthy goals
 9  Give freely of yourself to others
 10  Reject fear and negativity, embrace the positive


INTERNAL (Spiritual/Moral)



Practical, effective spirituality for people of all faiths by discovering, developing and using daily the spiritual and mental tools that are already available to us. Every thing in our external lives is a reflection of our internal condition. For things to change on the outside we have to first change on the inside.




EXTERNAL (Personal/Economic)



Finding contentment and joy through the art of traditional living. We bring the ancient traditions of the educated warrior into modern lives. The warrior way is timeless in human culture for good reason. It provides the structure around which we can build our chosen life. Business is today's battleground.





Mission Statement

The purpose of this publication is twofold. First, to encourage you to pursue your chosen spirituality daily and to discover, develop and use the spiritual & mental tools you already have available to you. Secondly, we want to help you focus on what you really value in a high quality life. Then you can direct your mind, spirit and emotions towards building that high quality life you have chosen.

     Only you can custom build that high quality life. Only you can discover what your rich, satisfying life is. There is nothing and no one keeping you from having a rich, satisfying life but you. We can help you find your special path but only you can walk that path. That beautiful life is your birthright- but you must conceive, give birth to and nurture it to maturity. By using what you already have inside, you can make this dream a reality. All you need is the practical, hands on knowledge of how to do it. The rest is up to you. You must dream in specifics and never give up. Service, self- discovery and self direction are the best part of lifes journey.

Table of Contents


13 Principles

Your Purpose in Life

Why Mad

The Way of the Enlightened Warrior



Simple Pleasures

America, virtue renewed

 The Reflex Series A three book series showing three different reflex responses of the U.S. Government to illegal drugs in this country. Book 1:

The Privateer The President has issued a secret executive order declaring war on the different drug syndicates around the world that have attacked the U. S. by invading our country and peddling all manner of illicit drugs. High ranking Congressional and Senate leaders are overseeing the implementation of a secret program to covertly attack and destroy the large international drug syndicates. The pilot program is overseen by a joint intelligence committee and will issue one license to a private team of American mercenaries to see how effective the program is. The U.S. Government will provide intelligence from DEA, CIA, NRO and State Department assets to the license holder. The team attacks, steals from, then destroys the syndicates. Deadly trouble for the drug syndicates and plausible deniability for the U.S. Government. These modern day pirates wage a deadly, unconventional war where the only rules are death, destruction and profit.


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